As the Rio Grande Valley Grows, It Becomes a Point of Pride for Texans

Up until a few decades ago, the southern part of the Rio Grande Valley was often thought of as something like a foreign country to many residents of Texas. Widely separated from the cities of the central and northern part of the state, this parched, less-populated region felt to many like something distinct and even exotic.

As Texas has grown so consistently over the years, even the furthest reaches of the Rio Grande Valley have come into the fold. Once known for the relative lack of services and opportunity to be found there, cities like McAllen are today every bit as vibrant and well-equipped as much larger ones like Dallas and Houston to the north.

At the Shah Eye Center, for example, residents of the Rio Grande Valley find the full range of top quality eye care that they might formerly have sought out in San Antonio or Austin. Equipped with all of the latest technology and training, shah eye center experts are ready to address any issues that their patients might exhibit.

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The lasik vision center mission in Texas, in fact, is delivering exactly this level of service to an area that formerly lacked it. Even twenty years ago, it was common for residents of McAllen to take trips northward for their eye care needs, but this is no longer necessary at all.

Patients at the shah eye center, for example, find that they have access to the kinds of Lasik services that endow people across the country with better vision. Used to reshape the corneas of the eyes in ways that allow them to better focus light, this technology is one of the most satisfying modern developments in the field of ophthalmology. Instead of needing to take a long, exhausting trip to Dallas to have the procedure performed, residents of the Rio Grande Valley today can receive its benefits in their own neighborhoods.

This is the kind of thing that has been happening for many years in the area, across every industry and for every type of need. If it once felt like a far-off place to many residents of Texas, the Rio Grande Valley now has every bit as much to offer as the rest of the state. In fact, with low labor costs and an enviable cost of living, the region seems poised to grow even faster in the near future. Instead of looking at it as something a bit foreign, then, Texans increasingly point to the Rio Grand Valley with pride.


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